CRM.pad 2.0

Designed to succeed

Designed to free up time for sales reps and service technicians to deal directly with customers rather than sitting behind a desk, CRM.pad 2.0’s sleek design places user-friendliness at the heart of the application.


Unleash your Sales and Service Potential with CRM.pad 2.0

CRM.pad 2.0 is focused on making the most of employees’ knowledge, skills and individual talents.

”Save up to 90 minutes per employee per day”

Ingo Klar, Pascoe Naturmedizin

”Even long-serving employees enjoy working with CRM.pad.”

Helmut Meeth, Helmut Meeth GmbH & Co. KG
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Sleek Design

Customize the application to reflect your corporate design, including colors, logos and background images

Clear interface based on Apple’s iOS 7 design, readable fonts, clear terminology, and optimum use of the full screen dimensions

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Smart features

You can search for nearby customers based on your current location, which is determined via GPS. This allows you to quickly react to rescheduled or canceled appointments by scheduling a short term visit to a nearby customer.

Designed to make it quick and easy to enter information on multiple items from a single screen, e.g. products in an offer or order, products at a point of sale and samples distributed to customers.

Access your data anywhere, even without an internet connection. Switching between online and offline mode takes place automatically in the background without interrupting your work processes.

Easy to use

The intuitive dashboard serves as a launch pad for scheduling appointments, processing orders and managing your contact with customers. Whatever you need is always just a tap away.

Change your perspective by turning your iPad to automatically switch to the new landscape view. Elements such as customer contact data are repositioned automatically, making ideal use of the available space, with readability and clarity the top priority.

Web solution for laptop and PC

No iPad at hand?

No matter whether on a PC or laptop: update.CRM web offers users a web-based CRM solution with outstanding usability, modern design and a wide range of industry-relevant features.